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Real Estate Opportunities in Atlanta

July 9, 2014

Highly regarded by other sales and marketing professionals in the Atlanta area, Lawton Hall serves as president of Regency Park Development, LLC, a real estate development, management, and investment firm. Prior to founding Regency Park Development in 2011, Lawton Hall spent more than a decade at AmericasMart, a multifaceted marketing and wholesale trade show facility in Atlanta.

In 2006, the housing bubble developed in the United States, with housing prices appreciating as much as 80 percent in some communities. When the bubble burst, those communities experienced significant hardships. Atlanta, on the other hand, experienced increases of no more than 10 percent. When the bubble burst, Atlanta did not have far to fall. By 2014, Atlanta’s housing sector was in full recovery mode, with numerous new housing and commercial real estate starts.

The market for existing properties in Atlanta is strong as well. Nearly 3,500 new homes were started in the first quarter of 2014, spurred by the creation of 51,500 new jobs and a 2.2 percent jump in employment over the same period in 2013. Other factors driving new construction are the slim inventory of existing homes and low mortgage rates. The confluence of these factors gives homebuyers, whether they are looking for a place to live or for investment property, an excellent opportunity to secure a good deal on a new or existing home at an affordable price.


Trends in Atlanta Real Estate

July 1, 2014

Lawton Hall is an experienced real estate executive currently operating out of Atlanta, Georgia. As the former senior vice president of sales and leasing for AmericasMart, Lawton Hall is part of Atlanta’s booming real estate industry.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in April 2014, new home sales in Atlanta jumped by 6.4 percent to a figure of 433,000. In addition, existing homes also experienced an increase of 1.3 percent in sales. These are encouraging figures for the Atlanta real estate market, which seems to have recovered from a slow winter.

Combined with these sales increases are other trends in the area, including a growing diversity within the city that will strengthen the housing market. Older suburban city centers are expected to grow in population as individuals continue to seek walkable communities. Many real estate experts in Atlanta expect that neighborhoods will move away from the traditional suburban format as young professionals continue to drive the demand for more compact properties.

Tips for Selecting a Rental Property Investment

May 30, 2014

An accomplished entrepreneur, Henry Lawton Hall, Jr., owns and operates a real estate investment company in Atlanta, Georgia. There, Henry Lawton Hall, Jr., helps investors identify high-potential rental properties in and around greater Atlanta.

When investing in a piece of real estate with the intent to rent the property, an investor must first consider return potential. Investing in real estate means making liquid assets significantly more fixed, so it is important to choose a property with a high likelihood of renting and providing ongoing cash flow. Experts have noted that the most successful rental properties tend to be in populated areas with a large pool of potential renters and in safe neighborhoods that would appeal to families. Proximity to shopping centers and other conveniences also attracts tenants.

In addition, many real estate professionals suggest that a high-quality, low-maintenance property offers the best chance of a good return on investment. Properties that require a great deal of maintenance may require more attention than is worth the investor’s while. Appealing properties rented to well-screened tenants tend to do best, particularly if the owner can find tenants that will stay for a number of years.