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Southeastern Real Estate Market, USA

August 6, 2014

Lawton Hall is an Atlanta-based business consultant with direct involvement in large-scale real estate development in the southeastern United States. After serving 25 years as an executive in the Atlanta wholesale trade mart facility that houses the clothing and apparel industry and the gift and home furnishings industries, Lawton Hall offers clients tier-one expertise on southeastern real-estate investments.

According to Fitch Ratings (2014), the southeastern United States is one of the most undervalued real estate markets in America today, indicating that Atlanta home prices are currently 19% below the historic norm, and Orlando, Florida, properties at 3% less than the norm. CNN Money claims that North Carolina is a prime market for homes today, given that the market “bottomed out” in 2011 and has only risen, adjusted for inflation, 5% since then.

Forbes magazine reports that Tennessee is one of the best housing states in terms of low house prices, low cost of living, and affordable tax structure. Furthermore, reports that South Carolina was the best buyer’s market for homes in February 2014, claiming that overall home prices had dropped 5% since the year before.